Casa Carlo Goldoni has this precious name because it was the residence of Carlo Goldoni ( 1707 - 1793 ), illustrious venetian poet and dramatist. He stayed there from September 1748 and June 1760.

He tells:
"...My mother rented an apartment for her and the sister after my last departure from Venezia. It is in Corte San Zorzi, near San Marco..."

Carlo Goldoni stayed in this apartment for twelve years. During this period he was recognized as the absolute protagonist of the international theatrical circle, thanks to the succes he got at the San Luca Theatre.

It was there that he wrote for Medebach a wide series of comedies. These comedies were very different from the Commedia dell'Arte genre and laid the basis of the reform of the theatre.

Here, where you are going to have good times, Carlo Goldoni had the most productive period of his life.

He wrote:
the shrewd widow, the honoured girl, the knight and the lady, the good wife, the family of antiquary, the lucky heir, the women's gossip, the military lover, the loving maid, the persian trilogy, the english philosopher, the rusteghi, the new house.

These walls testified the life of a Great Italian Artist.